Cosplay Is Fun Until.....

Photo by Nur Taufik Zamari on Unsplash

Cosplaying is something people do to have fun with their friends or to give themselves a boost of confidence. We all know that cosplaying has broken many stereotypes. However, it has changed in recent years. Everything is starting to feel competitive. It is always who does make-up better or how to create a better costume. With the continuously growing community, there is the sudden need to know its unspoken rules and the drama that happens within it.

Cosplay is expensive

Cosplaying is just dressing up as your favourite character, right? That’s not the case at all. Buying the costume, wigs and props can cost a lot depending on the character. For example, the cost for a costume of the character Nezuko from Kimetsu No Yaiba can cost up to RM100, without including the cost of the wig or accessories. If you were to buy the entire costume, it would cost you at least RM200. You could imagine how empty your wallet would be if you were to cosplay more characters from looking at those numbers.

To save money, it is always better to try looking for other options before buying a costume. You can find many easy D.I.Y videos on the internet but you would have to purchase the materials needed. Making the items yourself would definitely save a