Christmas Is What Brings Us Together

Photo by: Malavika Kumar

Christmas is a day spent with loved ones; it's a time where everyone comes together on this memorable holiday filled with joy. To some, it is also a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As we all know, Christmas is on the 25th of December. According to an article on Britannica, it was Sextus Julius Africanus who first declared it back in 221 B.C; it blossomed into an extraordinary day amid winter with the arrival of Jesus. In the beginning, the main religion of Christianity was Easter, and devotees did not celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas is associated with numerous symbols and phrases, but one of the figures you'd think of is Santa Claus. Now, the story and existence of Santa Claus is a mere, old myth. The reason why this person even existed is to showcase the spirit of giving. Speaking of giving, do you know who Saint Nicholas is? According to Biography, Saint Nicholas was a Christian bishop that helped people in need. After he died in 280, the people eternalised his charitable soul by crafting the memory of him into Santa Claus.