Best Friends Forever?

Photo by Helena Lopes

Friendships can be potent and meaningful relationships when done lovingly and genuinely. These relationships can also be of high importance for the emotional wellbeing of people because these trusted, and cherished individuals are the ones you confide in, cry to, laugh with and much more. It is a special relationship between people who have no blood relation at all.

True Friendship In Its Essence

What is friendship in a technical definition? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a friendship is when either feelings or mutual demeanour is shared amongst people. It could be seen as the nature of being friends with someone.

There's a chance you would have met multiple types of friends in your life. Maybe such bonds were met in college or school? When we share our deepest version of ourselves with people, they can be considered a genuinely close friend. They're the person you can always count on in a friendship. A true friend makes our life a bit easier and more fulfilling. You can always be yourself entirely in front of them without the fear of being judged. This type of freedom is what most pe