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Baking With A Heart of Gold

Photo by Jessamin Ng

Craving for a delicious brownie? Or perhaps a cookie? If you’re looking for quality pastry goods baked with love and passion, you’ve stumbled upon the right article! In this write-up, we’ll be taking a look at @eek.noms, an Instagram for a bakery run by a 17-year-old named Jessamin Ng. Since its opening on May 14, 2020, @eek.noms has quickly grown with a follower-base of 370 and continues to sell its products regularly. These include luxuriously flavoured brownies like salted caramel, Bischoff spread, and the bakery’s signature fudgy brownies.

A set of @eek.noms brownies and puffies

Jessamin also ventures into baking all sorts of scrumptious cookies such as shortbreads and deliciously stuffed ‘thiccy’ cookies. There are plenty more options aside from the ones written, and they’re all baked by Jessamin herself, offering customers a cosy feeling with each bite they take.

On an average day, Jessamin sells her goods to customers who contact her through Instagram. With this, customers can receive their goods through delivery, or by picking them up at the business’ address. Something to take note is that they are always packaged beautifully, and reflect the excellent quality of the products. Jessamin is also open to baking for events and offers special deals on select dates, so keep your eyes peeled for limited-time offers from @eek.noms! They may be worth your while.

A tower of brownies by @eek.noms for special occasions

To date, the online bakery has received tons of positive reviews from its customers. In a review about the bakery’s Matcha Stuffed Thiccy and Matcha Puffs, a customer said: “It was fantastic! It’s really gooey and just sweet enough. I was afraid it was going to be too sweet, but it was perfect.”. Another customer also mentioned “My mum and I aren’t fans of chocolate cookies, but these were so good!” in a review about the bakery’s Thiccy Choc Cookies.

A set of @eek.noms matcha cream puffs

“Whenever a customer comes back and tells me my goods were delicious, it really makes my day and I’m really super happy to hear that”, said Jessamin, in response to the positive feedback received by @eek.noms.

Jessamin has always been passionate about baking and started selling her pastries at the age of 14. Her primary sources of motivation had always been the support she’s received from her friends and family.

When it came to starting @eek.noms, Jessamin mentioned that: “When the MCO (Movement Control Order) came about, I was able to make this whole thing real. I really started an online business because of MCO.”

However, running this business didn’t come without its own obstacles, especially because Jessamin is now a full-time college student. “Once school started, I really had to limit my orders, and I had to bake according to my schedule, so I had time to study.” She notes that “It’s important to plan ahead and be very organized. You gotta set your priorities straight.”

Through the ups and downs of her online business, this experience has pushed Jessamin to grow in many ways. “I’ve learnt to be more organized as well as disciplined,” she said. “There are some sacrifices that I’ve learnt to make as well, because this is my passion, and this is what I really love doing.”

In the future, Jessamin wishes to carry her business to greater heights. “I would definitely love to open my own bakery one day, that would be really cool since it was a dream of mine as a little kid.” She also has goals to give back to the community, saying: “I wanna donate to NGOs to support them.”

In the past, @eek.noms has donated a hefty portion of its profits to @hungerhurtsmy’s “Feed a Kid” project. With this, the business was able to help a hundred low-income families to receive 2 months worth of groceries during the pandemic. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see @eek.noms do more things like this in the future.

Through Jessaming’s story, it’s easy to see how much young people are capable of. And with that, let’s be reminded to have lots of hope in our ambitions! “Just go for it! If you really have that passion, then just try it out, you never know what would happen,” says Jessamin, “Just plan ahead, and really know what you would like to achieve from this. You might meet really amazing people along the way that would help you with your business later on. Good luck!”

By Ricky Jr. Leida Fieldad


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