Asian Women Representation in Male-Dominated Media

The strong female lead has been the upcoming trend in the movie industry since 2019. However, it is still significantly less in number, compared to male leads; especially when it comes down to Asian females as leads in Asian films. If Hollywood shows aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with a list of spectacular Netflix shows for you to watch, starring Asian women as the leading protagonist.

Photo by ‘Furie’ on Netflix

‘Furie’ is a Vietnamese martial art thriller film that circulates on the struggle of a very strong and bold mother of one, Hai Phuong. Her life is flipped into a very different dimension when her daughter goes missing, and it is now up to her to save her child, which leads her on a journey through the underbelly of the city. The movie has a strong storyline that connects immediately with the audience, never failing to impress with each and every scene. Not to mention, Veronica Ngo (Ngo Van Tranh)’s acting is definitely on point with her intense action scenes, which set a new standard for other Asian female leads.

Photo by 'Bulbbul' on Netflix

Next on our list is ‘Bulbbul’, a Hindi film whose theme is based on an itinerant spirit that finds a home everywhere. This is a tale that subtly involves the real-world, but adds its own touch in this universe of pneuma. The movie talks about how the world order is pivoted on male desire, and how this world reacts with rage and revenge whenever female desire emerges. To illustrate, the story mai