An Open Letter to Future Young Designers

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Photo by Suzanne Lim on Instagram

Dream jobs. Everyone has them. But do they ever live up to the reality?

Every student has built grand imaginations of their future careers. Unfortunately, this illusion will be shattered inevitably.

Suzanne Lim began her first foray into graphic design at the age of 18.

Initially wanting to pursue interior design, she was struck by the instinct to study graphic design instead. This turned out to be a well-made decision as she spent most of her time toying around with Adobe programs.

A resolute person with a good eye for typography, Suzanne went on to design collaterals for several companies during her internship.

After graduating, she finally set out on her determined path.

That being said, the design industry was not all ‘sunshine and roses’ for Suzanne.