An Insight On Becoming A Makeup Artist

Photo by Hooi Chin

After I graduated from high school, people often told me to continue my studies instead of finding a job because I'm still young, so here's my story. Suppose you are considering makeup as a career. In that case, this is the right article to guide you and make you understand more about this type of work. I have been a makeup artist since 2017, and I believe every job has its own ups and downs. In this article, I will be sharing what it takes to become a makeup artist from my personal experience specialising in bridal makeup.

Sacrifices as a makeup artist

One thing that many makeup artists have to sacrifice is, sleep! We need to wake up at 3 AM to get ready by 4 AM. Afterwards, we need to reach our client's house by 5 AM to start work. When it comes to weddings, in Chinese culture, weddings are separated into two different sessions; morning and night. The morning session is a tea ceremony held at the bride's house, and the night session is a wedding reception in a hotel.