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An A-Z Guide to Room Decor

Have you ever wanted to redecorate your room for a fresh new look? But you find yourself in a challenging situation deciding on where to start and what to change? Fret not! This is a guide where you can find tips and ideas on how to redecorate your room without burning a hole into your wallet!

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Pick a theme by gathering inspirations

Now, first things first is to decide on a theme for your room by gathering inspiration. You might be thinking this step is "skippable" but NO! Planning from the beginning is always the safest choice to go with to avoid failure. You can also always find inspirations at the tip of your fingers on Pinterest or visit where they suggest interesting themes you may just like.

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Change your pillows and bedding

After the time consuming pre-process, you had to go through, now is the long-awaited moment to redecorate your room! According to the decorist, since a bed is the main point in a room, start small with your bed first by swapping out old pillows and bedding to new ones. You can always find extra pillows or bedding to replace within your home. If you can purchase new ones, go for plain coloured beddings if you want a simple, minimalistic look or patterned bedding if you want something bolder! For pillows, if you're going to achieve a more hotel-like ambience, try adding at least 2 or more pillows on your bed. But make sure to put the big ones behind the smaller ones if the ones you have are in different sizes.

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Lighting is essential to achieve a particular atmosphere in a room. A few tips from bob vila is if you want a modern or an elegant atmosphere in your room, consider getting warm white light fixtures by the side of your bed to achieve such a look. Do take note that it is the best to get warm white or natural white light instead of cool white light to protect your eyes! On the other hand, if you want a cosy, "home sweet home" atmosphere then consider the classic standing lamp, table lamp or fairy lights in warm white. Additionally, candles help achieve a romantic atmosphere but get the electronic ones instead of real ones because safety first!

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Repaint walls or use wallpaper

Your four walls are definitely the base of your room and to give a significant fresh new look is by repainting your walls or applying wallpapers. Choosing colours to paint is one of the hardest things to decide. This is where colour psychology comes into the scenario. According to LUXDECO, colours are known to directly affect one's mood. So feel free to refer to LUXDECO for a colour psychology guide to decide on the kind of mood you want to have in your room that fits your theme. Keep in mind that specific colours may only look nice in your mind. For example, you might think black will give a modern and sleek vibe to a room. But in reality, it will provide a dark and dramatic vibe based on colour psychology.

If you prefer using wallpapers, then the same concept still applies. You may also consider having an accent wall. So, instead of painting your walls with just one colour, paint three walls a neutral colour, and the fourth wall a darker, contrasting colour. This allows you to place all of your statement furniture or decor against the wall.

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"The 60-30-10" Rule

Before hopping right into painting your room, here is a rule that will aid you in adding colour into your room. According to apartment therapy, designers often use the 60-30-10 rule as a guideline to add balance and depth into rooms. They do this by using three colours and ultimately help build a room that looks and feels harmonious. This rule states that 60% of a room's colour results from walls, large furniture pieces and flooring through the usage of one colour. While 30% of colour comes from accent furniture, textiles and lighting with varying colours. Lastly, 10% of colour is from smaller deco items that include a variety of colours, patterns and textures to add flare to a room. Once you understand the rule, have fun playing around with these ratios!

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Little details count!

If you find empty spaces here in your room, this is the chance to add in little decorations for a more intimate and "me" vibe! According to Cosmopolitan, an idea of what to add is a plant for a hint of nature. If you love art, then you can print out pictures, posters to paste it on an empty wall. Placing a full body mirror at an empty corner serves as a functional deco. This creates an illusion of your room looking more spacious due to the lights bouncing around. For your floor, add a carpet to give your room extra visuals and a comfy area to walk on. Another cute little decor idea is a neon sign that also serves both as decor and lighting.

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Rearrange the layout for zero cost

But what if you don't want to spend a single penny to redecorating your room? Then you can simply rearrange the layout of your room by moving furniture and decors around for a new look instead of the usual arrangement!

Lastly, here are some tips on where to get different furniture and decor! Consider going to FURNITUREdirect or Etsy for a variety of furniture with different prices to choose from. If you want to get adorable and affordable decor for your room, then Etsy and Oh Happy Gift are to sites to go to! For preloved items lovers, you can go to these pages of carousell and to search for affordable furniture.

Hopefully, this guide consisting of tips and ideas on room decor, manages to enlighten you on how to redecorate your room step by step with a budget going on successfully!

By Haydee Hee


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