Amping up Family Time

By Fatemah

Traditionally, a family reunion is a time when relatives come together as a whole and enjoy each other's company. According to Family Today, it's a great time to invite distant relatives for an opportunity to reconnect with them and catch up. In this article, I will share some activities that can create a memorable gathering.

Firstly, family talent shows are one of the things that we can do during gathering time. I still remember my first family reunion when I was at the age of 10. We put a lot of effort into entertainment because the theme of the gathering was a talent show. Every member of the family worked hard on the preparation to perform, and I still remember that the big prize was won by my uncle for doing a lot of somersaults. For me, I think a talent show during such reunions can quickly become a beloved annual event. Not only is it a lighthearted talent show that gives a perfect opportunity to uncover the hidden talents of relatives. It also allows for great pictures and plenty of fun pulling pranks on each other. Families may perform as a group, or perform solo by people within families.

Having a picnic can also create unforgettable memories during reunions. A picnic is an activity which lets everyone get involved and also provides a unique experience for them. Undoubtedly, having a picnic with your family improves your relationship. It also uncovers more unknown personalities and characteristics which your family doesn't usually show you. Sometimes we tend to easily neglect our parents and vice versa. So having some kind of outdoor activity like a picnic will let you k