Ambition, Film and Theatre

Photo taken by Nur Elmyra Farhana

Inside the mind of this 21-year-old, lies a surge of never-ending passion and a thirst for success. His aura never lets down. Elmyzan Farhan is a final year broadcasting student and theatre actor with big dreams of becoming a filmmaker across the spectrum of various genres.

It was a rainy, Wednesday afternoon when I spoke with Elmyzan. He sat next to his desk in his room, contemplating the answer to his next question. "Was film always the course I wanted to study?". He took a brief moment to answer. "No. Initially, I had many options. I wanted to study several things, but I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted to study,". A shocking answer for someone who appears so passionate and determined on his chosen path.

"But the one thing I knew was, I wanted to do something around film. I was thinking about majoring in literature, I wanted to become a writer, but I also wanted to be an artist, a fine art artist.", he added.

When answering questions, he spoke with such eloquence. As though, he'd always known what to say to every question you had for him. But still, the tone in his voice was enveloped with wonders of empathy and compassion he holds. In the end, Elmyzan made a choice for his studies and went to major in communications. He believes this will ensure him a stable life for his future. As well as acknowledging the fact that communication will always be an essential factor in our daily life and its service will never fade away.