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Many of us have been stuck at home for the past few months, and it is hard as we are not able to travel overseas since the pandemic has been extended. It has made our lives more tedious, but on the bright side, we should take this time to plan our budget wisely because most have lost our jobs along the way, so it's better to appreciate the time now. During the holidays, most of us like to travel because it is like going on an adventure. Most people think that the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has ruined everyone's vacation plans. Still, the good thing is that people can learn to plan their itinerary wisely in terms of budget.

According to Education First, it is possible to travel anywhere without spending an arm and a leg on getting you to your desired destination. Firstly, come up with a budget plan. This will be easier for you to navigate how much you'll need to spend on average, how long you'll be staying in a country for and itineraries like this. If you leave it up to a ballpark figure without proper allocation and planning, chances are there would be a lot of unexpected, last-minute changes. Secondly, fly during the off-season period! Doing research beforehand will be an excellent way to estimate the best time to travel to avoid the hiked up travel prices.

You may be wondering though, “why should I invest my money to travel?”. According to HerMoney, travelling opens up multiple doors for you. It allows you to learn foreign languages, develop communication skills, and see the world through different cultures, perspectives and beliefs. All in all, travelling gives you the best moments in life.

As reported by ExpertVagabond, there are a few tips to follow before you travel. Namely, tracking expenses, sticking to your budget and reducing unnecessary costs. Now, tracking your finances is easy! You can either jot it down in a notebook or make your life easier and use an app like Wally or Maybank's e-wallet on your phone. Also, if you are travelling abroad, you don't always need to withdraw cash as you can carry a credit or debit card with you. This can prevent accidental loss of money and also make transactions more efficient.

MyBankTracker has stated that you can use either a credit and debit card during travels. Using your debit card can be quite beneficial as it ensures that you do not overspend. As for credit cards, if you decide to spend on something that is over your budget, a credit card will definitely come in handy. If you have a job, then you can apply for a credit card. Still, you have to remember that before applying for one, you should check on your credit reports because unpaid debts and late payment can pull your score down. Therefore, you'll be unable to apply for one, so don't make quick decisions.

While the pandemic ensues and certain restrictions prevent us from travelling, we can still do something beneficial and save money to travel, if we have the means to. So, when the pandemic comes to an end, we have something to look forward to! Follow these tips, and you'll definitely enjoy your trip when it's time.

By Adrian Joel


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