A Modelling Dream(Part 1)

Photo provided by Lu Yin

Lee Lu Yin, who is turning 21 this year is a young model who did not expect modelling to be a part of her life until it actually happened. Besides modelling, she is also the owner of two online fashion clothing stores and co-founder of a floral store which she runs with her sister, the founder. Other than that, she is also an event freelancer and a commercial talent.

Modelling was never really her dream job from the start. She had never thought of being a model as she thought it was too far away from her reality. Before stepping into this industry, she studied for about a year at Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop. After graduating, she started to look up jobs related to makeup. Her first job was working as a shop assistant in Tom Ford, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. In the year 2019, she was introduced by her sister’s friend to a modelling runway job at Saito University College. That was her very first paid modelling job. After that opportunity, she decided she should continue working in this field by applying for modelling jobs. At first, it was a rough start as her portfolio was empty and she was not as established as she had more failed attempts than successful ones in casting and job applications, but since she had decided to go on with it, she did not want to give up.

She was lucky to have very supportive parents and friends who guided her along her way and gave her opportunities. She was brought up differently as her family was very open about it. She shares her experiences in this i