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A Guide on Balancing College and Part-Time Jobs

Many college students face financial difficulties due to familial circumstances. Even though some are provided with college fees, they lack basic coverage fees for a proper meal and a comfortable accommodation. Part-time jobs not only help students make ends meet but can also expose students to a realistic work environment and help them cultivate professional skills. Whichever your reason is for working part-time, maintaining the balance between studies and work is no easy job. It is physically and mentally taxing. With this guide, you’ll learn that managing the stress and workload from both sides is actually a no-brainer.

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Choose the Right Job

Having a job that suits you is vital as you may feel less motivated in an uncomfortable work situation.  It is advisable to choose a location where travel and transportation is convenient so that you can get to work hassle-free, somewhere nearby your campus or house would be best. You should also always inquire about the working hours and shifts so that you see how the timing fits into your schedule. Relatively, it's suggested that the job allows flexible working time so that you can make adjustments in anticipation of unexpected situations that may arise.

Visualize Your Schedule

Try getting a planner and better yet having the habit of setting reminders on your phones so that you keep yourself organized with your “to-dos”. Once you have both class schedules and working shifts sorted out, allocating time equally for both studies and work will come naturally. It's also recommended that you establish a routine as it helps you feel more in control when dealing with all the stress.


Friends = Support Network. Try to befriend people who would not mind helping you take notes in class or would share theirs. You’re gonna need them! Especially since you might miss class occasionally. As for group assignments, it would be better if you stick with your usual gang or people whom you can click with to ensure a smoother workflow. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether it's your lecturers or college mates, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for guidance and assistance when needed.

Know Your Priorities

Although you should be trying your best, committing yourself to both aspects, in my opinion as a college student, it’s better to put heavier focus on your studies. After all, that qualification is your key to secure a better future for yourself. Turning down a few job opportunities wouldn’t hurt you in the long run.

Part-time jobs can bring a great deal of benefits for you as a college student but it might end up bringing you hardships too if you can’t handle it well. Follow this guide if you wanna add more zeros to your bank account and still hit that 4.0 CGPA!

By: Ally Yee


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