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5 Ways The Flood has Changed the Minds of Malaysians For the Better

The flash floods inflicted by the continuous heavy downpour last weekend have left disastrous effects on both the land of Malaysia and the citizens who reside in it. Families separated, homes and possessions destroyed and numerous lives still in danger, all while rescue attempts are still being made. Numerous Malaysians have been riding the rollercoaster of emotions brought about by the disaster, leaving many feeling lost and hopeless. Even then, it is truly inspiring to witness many flood victims still trying to find the good in this bad of a situation.

Videos of the victims themselves making light of the disaster have begun going viral. Among them, a foodpanda worker is seen riding on an inflatable mattress in the flooded streets as if he was “delivering his order”. Pictures of animal rescue missions were also shared as the rescuers went back for their neighbourhood strays stranded around the waters. Surely, the floods have brought about tremendous grief but it has also reminded the citizens of Malaysia of several good things. This is how the FLOOD changed the minds of Malaysians for the better.

F - Fortune

As with any natural disaster, the flood has made it difficult for people to imagine a future where they are happy and financially stable again. It reminded us of the lack of control we actually have in matters of life and death, bringing about a feeling of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. Fortunately, these feelings are often accompanied with a sense of gratefulness in light of the said disaster. Whether we noticed it or not, the flood had reemphasized the importance of the now. By highlighting the fragility of life and how it can be taken at any moment, it has given some people the kickstart they needed to begin living life better. By being flexible with our time and our company, we would be able to cherish every moment we get to spend with our loved ones while they’re still here.

L - Leaders

Picture from (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

The disaster has shown the public who the leaders of today truly are when they are amidst an emergency. The lack of initiative progressed by authorities at the early stages of the flood has made way for future leaders of tomorrow to take matters into their own hands. Many individuals had begun volunteering at relief centres offering aid to the victims in whichever way they can. Donations have even been collected to fund the necessities of these centres. The flood had surely shined a light on the shortcomings of our country, especially in the political and economical aspects. Without a doubt, that has inspired a fighting spirit in the citizens to make the country a better place.

O - Observant

Picture from New Straight Times

The floods were attributed to the collapse of our country’s ecosystem. This has caused many Malaysians to wake up and smell the coffee regarding the critical state of our environment today. Although this news may have first incited panic within the hearts of many, it has also inadvertently promoted a more sustainable and green way of living. In hopes of making a change, we all must play our part for a brighter tomorrow.

O - Organized

The floods have also struck an eveready chord within Malaysians who were directly and indirectly affected by it. It reminded us to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario in every situation. Urgency and awareness are vital in surviving a natural disaster. Malaysian families all across the country should already, if not, begin formulating an evacuation route, taking into account all possibilities to avoid any unwanted incidents. Keeping in mind, the priority of any survival situation is oneself and their family members. Acquiring and owning a survival kit at home is extremely necessary for today’s climate and would come in handy in these unpredictable trying times. Important documents and belongings should be well organized, ready to go and ready to be forsaken if need be.

D - Dependent

Picture from EPA-EFE / The Straits Times

Finally, this disaster has made us all dependent on one another. It symbolises a timely reminder that although we are a small country in the midst of a disaster, we are stronger together. The joint efforts in lending a hand to the families who had lost everything had helped us all find the true importance of unity. Unity in adversity and of course, unity in diversity. You too can be a part of the work for the greater good. In response to this emergency call for help, together with UPLIFT (Pertubuhan Bangkit) and the BAC Education Group have launched the Klang Valley Flood Relief 2021 Campaign in less than 24 hours. We need your help. As flood victims seek safety at temporary shelters, let us help bring them immediate relief. You can help by donating to:


Bank: Maybank

Account Number: 564342627846

For cash donations, please indicate “Klang Valley Flood Relief” in the recipient reference section and send proof of donation to Moo on 014-2315528.

By Deborah Chan De Paula


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