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3 Best Places to Travel on a Budget With Your Friends in Malaysia

Do you think that you’ve been to all the amazing places in Malaysia? I don’t think so! Malaysia has so many undiscovered tourist attractions that range from Sekinchan to the Kek Lok Si Temple. If you and your friends discover a unique place fit for travelling, be sure to take a trip there. Travelling together can create a special bond between you and your friends, which can help strengthen your relationship with each other. However, budgeting may stop some from taking the initiative to plan the trip. So prepare your pen and notebook, because here are the three best places to travel with your friends on a budget in Malaysia.

Photo by Khye Wen on Facebook

Coming up on top is Sungai Lembing, located in Pahang. This is one of the best places for students to travel with a low budget. In Sungai Lembing, approximately RM500 is good for a ‘3 days 2 nights’ trip. For accommodation, a youth hostel is the best choice for students that don't want to spend a lot, as it is so much cheaper compared to a normal hostel. It has two categories, a female dormitory and a mixed dormitory, which sets it apart from any regular hostel. When it comes to the location, Sungai Lembing is located in the countryside and is known for its Rainbow Waterfall. Those who plan on seeing the waterfall will have to be involved in jungle trekking and climbing as it is on the top of the hill. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is also needed to get there, which you can book with a tourist guide. It may seem like a lot of work but trust me, the end result is amazing, as you’ll be able to see the beautiful scenery of nature accompanied by a mesmerizing rainbow.

Photo by Jason_Leung on Pixabay

Semporna is also highly recommended for students who like visiting islands. The attraction is located in Sabah with clear water and blue skies. Students with a budget of at least RM700 are recommended to visit here as it can get you a ‘3 days 2 nights’ trip. The main activity that is famous in Semporna is snorkelling and scuba diving. Although it may be costly, it guarantees you an amazing experience in the clear blue waters. On social media, you can also see tourists taking photos on transparent-bottom boats when they visit Semporna. That activity is called Ocean Kayaking and you can either choose a transparent-bottom kayak or opt for just a normal kayak, so for those who are interested in posting an Instagram-worthy photo after visiting Semporna can take part in this activity.

Photo by Tobi Law on Unsplash

Pulau Langkawi is also recommended for students who plan on travelling with their friends with a higher budget of at least RM1000. A higher budget is needed as there are many activities that you can participate in when visiting the island. Similar to Semporna, there are a lot of water sports that you can do in Pulau Langkawi. However, there are also activities like parasailing, motor boating and banana boating available, all you have to do is sign yourself up and enjoy the adventure. You can also spend more money buying different souvenirs or presents for your loved ones back home. Why? Because there are a lot of duty-free shops that allow students to buy imported products, tidbits and beverages which can save you a lot of money.

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Budgeting is key when you plan these trips with your friends. One wrong move can affect your trip and cause you to over-spend. Hence, you should ensure that everyone splits the cost equally on accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment. Make sure that the budget is separated 25% on transportation, 25% on accommodation, and another 50% on food and souvenirs. You’ll be worry-free on your trip as you’ve already had everything planned out.

Students consider traveling during their youth, because when you start working, there will be less time for gatherings with your friends. Your work will always be binding you from having more personal time so why not cherish the moments you have with your friends on a trip together? Call your friends up and invite them to have a fun trip together during your holiday!

By: Crystal Chin


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